Case Study: Box Build for Beer and Wine Brewer

About this Project

Blichmann Engineering, LLC was faced with the challenge of providing their customers with an often-requested electronic control for their electronic home brewing system.

ALTEX’s skilled staff successfully and efficiently designed, produced and packaged an electronic control device as an all-encompassing custom manufacturing solution.


Our culture is to establish collaborative partnerships that are successful and profitable for everyone. It is also our philosophy to provide the highest quality products for our customers and utilizing a seasoned manufacturing partner like ALTEX allows us to do just that.

John Blichmann
Blichmann Engineering founder & CEO

Case Study Summary

Blichmann Engineering ( offers intuitively designed, innovative products with the highest level of quality for brewers who expect the same in their beers and wines.

After balancing an engineering career at a Fortune 50 company, the founder of Blichmann Engineering made the decision to focus his career solely on a passion for brewing wine and beer by expanding into the international market with home-brewing equipment and supplies. WIth a team of mechanical  engineers, Blichmann was aware of the need for a manufacturing partner with experience in engineering, design and production and one that could help develop, from the prototype stage, a basic control system for their home-brewing technology.

ALTEX put in place a comprehensive production plan to utilize its resources and physical space for the entire manufacturing process including packaging.
The electronic component, produced in entirety at the ALTEX facility. It was assembled, cleaned, polished, bagged and boxed after production and returned to Blichmann for final shipping to end-use consumers or retailers.


  • Blichmann could spend its time on development and distribution while ALTEX handled the rest
  • Proactive responsiveness of ALTEX provided a successful working relationship
  • High quality product produced in a timely manner without drain on Blichmann staff
  • Successful manufacturing relationship resulting in ongoing collaboration