Customers We Serve

We have the expertise to manufacture even the most complex wire harness, box build and electromechanical assemblies for customers from Fortune 500 to privately held OEMs.

Conversion and Mobility Vehicles

Sustainable Energy

Industrial Manufacturing

ALTEX is an ISO 9001:2015 and IPC/WHMA A-620C certified contract manufacturer of custom cable and wire harness assemblies. From home brewing startups to Fortune 500 industrial manufacturers, we have the expertise and flexibility to fulfill customer orders of most any size and complexity at a competitive price.

Conversion & Mobility

Even with increasing demand, high production costs remain a significant hurdle affecting growth in the mobility conversion industry. As a partner trusted by leading manufacturers of wheelchair accessible vehicles, we design wire harnesses to meet any specification needs, improve efficiency in production and maximize end product performance.

From selecting high-grade materials that save on space and reduce weight to utilizing poka-yoke fixturing to guarantee quality, we help manufacturers respond to market demands.

Conversion and mobility areas we support include:

  • Lift systems
  • Battery systems
  • Chassis extension harnesses

sustainable energy

As a leader of innovation and quality in our industry, ALTEX is well positioned to help sustainable and renewable energy entrepreneurs and manufacturers take their projects successfully and cost-effectively into production. Our design engineers can assist in prototyping, fine-tuning schematics and sourcing the right components.

Several types of green energy projects we can assist with include:

  • Series-hybrid transportation
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Solar power
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Geothermal pumps

Industrial manufacturing

ALTEX is a strategic outsourced manufacturing partner for industrial manufacturing customers serving clients in industries such as agriculture, construction, food and beverage, or utilities. Customers appreicate our partnership approach to cable assembly and wire harness engineering, design and production.

Our OEM clients serve customers in many industries including:

  • Security systems
  • Forklifts
  • HVAC
  • Process monitoring equipment
  • Power generation
  • Battery systems
  • Tractor and trailer manufacturing
  • Livestock feeding systems
  • Livestock incubator systems
  • Farming equipment
  • Industrial equipment

medical devices

Plastic overmolded cable assemblies provide reliable and durable power to medical devices used every day in healthcare facilities with characteristics such as a soft-grip surface, increased pull strength and 360-degree flexing with no damage to the termination point. Our in-house injection and insert molding equipment enables high quality assemblies of custom thermoplastic shapes, colors and configurations to meet aesthetic standards, or branding and marking specifications. 

The HS40 Autojector Vertical Molder used by ALTEX facilitates:

  • Plastic overmolded cable assemblies
  • Injection and insert molding
  • Improved strain relief and flexibility
  • Junctions for added splice sealing
  • Abrasion and water resistance
  • Color matching, marking and labeling

Rail transportation

ALTEX serves the power generation needs of clients within the rail transportation industry. We specialize in providing comprehensive cable and wire harness solutions from design and engineering to custom manufacturing and just-in-time fulfillment.

Rail transportation areas we support include:

  • PTC (Positive Train Control)
  • Braking systems
  • Rail crossing safety
  • Transit controls
  • Solar-power electric train systems

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