Wire and cable harness manufacturer ALTEX has been invited to participate in an innovative research study designed to help advance high-tech manufacturing companies located in the Midwest. The study findings will inform how manufacturing companies like ALTEX respond to industry disruptors, and will help companies better position themselves competitively in an increasingly evolving market.

TEConomy, a global leader in research and analytics, will be conducting the research this spring. The organization helps provide companies with the tools necessary to compete in an economy that is “increasingly global, knowledge-based, and driven by innovation.”

As an innovator and leader in strategic contract manufacturing, ALTEX was invited to share their insights. Brian Cline, ALTEX quality engineer, will participate in the study.

Conexus Indiana and its parent organization, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP), are working with TEConomy Partners to sponsor the research study. These organizations serve to champion Indiana as a leader in advanced manufacturing and logistics. The research will allow CICP, Conexus, and TEConomy to gain a deeper understanding of the backdrop and assets needed to better position companies like ALTEX for future global success.

“Our team is excited to be a part of such an important research project,” said Rick Bromm, ALTEX president. “The efforts of Conexus and CICP have already helped ALTEX be sought out by several high profile international organizations in the sustainable energy industry. We can’t wait to see where else this innovative research will steer us next.”