Did you know organizations in 42 different countries are currently IPC/WHMA A-620B certified? This universally recognized wire harness and cable assembly workmanship standard opens the doors for ease of communication between OEMs and manufacturers in regards to unique build specifications.

It’s also a differentiator.

As a leader in the electronics industry and a wire harness manufacturer that has successfully adopted the A-620 standard, ALTEX Wire and Cable often witnesses, firsthand, how the workmanship standard facilitates a better partnership between OEMs and manufacturers. For example, with the universally recognized wire harness and cable standards, OEMs often list “build according to IPC-WHMA-A-620 standards” within prints instead of long lists of bullet points with specific directives. They rest assured knowing the A-620 certified partner understands the common language, is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the industry standards and the work provided will be quality and within specifications. There is an added ease of doing business for both parties.

For businesses who adopt workmanship standards such as A-620 and put them into action within their facilities, additional benefits can be reaped.

  • Utilizing benchmark standards allow companies to manage their business more effectively. By producing to the certified workmanship standard, quality goods are manufactured and customer satisfaction is maintained through the delivery of consistent, reliable products.
  • Companies have the added benefit of more easily maintaining ISO certifications by showcasing a dedication to quality standards, training and continuous improvement.
  • Producing to set standards enhances a company’s infrastructure and makes it more resilient. Productivity is higher, costs reduced and competitiveness enhanced.
  • Being certified to an industry standard boosts credibility. When you actively maintain your certifications and stand behind them, customers see your products and services as safe and trustworthy. They have confidence in the products and services due to your adherence to the strictest of standards.

We’re proud to be a champion of IPC/WHMA A-620B. We have Certified IPC Trainers (CIT) in both our U.S. and Mexico facilities. Our business has realized numerous benefits through its comprehensive and highly technical training program. Curious to learn more about the most recent version of the A-620 standard (IPC/WHMA A-620B) and how your organization can benefit from the industry developed and approved training and certification program? The Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association (WHMA) is a go-to source for additional information.


The Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association (WHMA) has trained thousands of individuals on the comprehensive and technically accurate program. This most recent revision to the originally published written standards was developed during a six-year-process by members from user- and supplier-companies and represents a consensus among industry leaders. ALTEX’s President is Chairman of the board for the WHMA. His appointment will run through 2015. Learn more about the benefits of being a WHMA member.