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Whitepaper: Outsourcing as a Competitive Advantage

Your production life-cycle includes everything from application engineering to material selection to shipping. Have you contemplated outsourcing a portion of your production to lighten the load? The objective of this whitepaper is to give OEMs a basic overview of contract manufacturing (CM) outsourcing, outline several of the pain points that outsourcing can address for OEMs, and offer a framework for choosing a CM. Read more

Solution Brief: The Top 6 Errors That Cause Manufacturing Defects & How Poka-Yoke Fixturing Prevents Them

Increasing cost and time-to-market pressures make preventing defects critical to manufacturing success. Whether errors are caused by workers or machinery, they can lead to reworking or recalls that use up precious resources, time and money. Using preventative quality control processes, such as poka-yoke fixturing, will save time, stress, money and causes for customer dissatisfaction. Read more

Case Study: Tanning Bed OEM Chooses ALTEX for Custom Harness Manufacturing

ALTEX possessed the skilled labor force, engineering and design staff, and production facility space to manufacture not only a wire harness product for the OEM IBL Acquisitions, LLC’s tanning bed equipment, but also complete the installation of all electrical systems. Read more

Case Study: Blichmann Engineering, LLC Chooses ALTEX to Engineer Control Box Integral to Home-Brew System

ALTEX’s skilled staff successfully and efficiently designed, produced and packaged an electronic control device as an all-encompassing custom manufacturing solution for Blichmann Engineering, LLC’s electronic home brewing system. Read more.

Case Study: On the Move with Rail

Through strategic outsourcing ALTEX Wire and Cable solved several pain points for a system integrator for rail transportation with the manufacture of wire harness assemblies for crossing warning systems, braking systems, transit controls and end of train boxes. Read more

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