Redesign Nets 30% Savings

Redesign Nets 30% Savings

Case Study: Critical Harness Redesign Nets 30% Savings


The customer, who is a tier two supplier of sensor products to the automotive industry, was in danger of losing an existing production program to competitors. The customer asked ALTEX to suggest ways to reduce the cost of a wire harness which was used in the customer’s final product.


Leveraging nearly 50 years of experience working with wire harnesses and production methods, ALTEX’s product and manufacturing engineers worked very closely with the customer’s operations personnel to redesign the harness with new components that met all functionality and quality requirements and allowed a more efficient production process.


The combination of modified designs, material selection, and a stable, repeatable manufacturing process helped to yield significant process efficiencies. Production output increased, providing a 30% cost reduction to our customer which enabled them to retain the program contract.


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August 2, 2015