Re-Engineering Improves Function

Re-Engineering Improves Function

Case Study: Product Re-Engineered to Improve Functionality

A leading process monitoring equipment company asked ALTEX to redesign an existing product.  The design objectives were to reduce product size and to increase its networking capability.The product is used in a factory floor environment where vibration and RF interference exists.

ALTEX’s engineering team worked closely with the customer’s engineering group to define the key parameters for the product and began their work on a new design. The enclosure size and orientation of the connectors were a critical consideration. After creating the new design, ALTEX’s product engineering team worked with their strategic supply base to source an enclosure that met the size requirements and had good RF characteristics.  The original flex cable was changed to a printed circuit board solution that eliminated the need for hand soldering and improved reliability in the manufacturing process. A returnable shipping program was established with the printed circuit board supplier to reduce packaging costs and eliminate any transportation related quality issues.  The connectors used in the product were redesigned to a product offered by one of ALTEX’s distribution lines. This lowered the raw material costs and improved the supply chain support.

This project had been on the customer’s “wish list” for over a year.  ALTEX’s efforts moved the project to a production phase and accomplished the original design objectives of reduced size and improved networking capabilities. The program is currently produced at ALTEX’s Westfield, Indiana manufacturing plant.


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August 2, 2015