The last several years have ushered in record-breaking recalls for the automotive industry, peaking at nearly 60 million cars recalled in 2014. Attention to quality should be a key factor in outsourced manufacturing no matter the industry, especially when defects can put lives at risk.

A focus on quality ensures manufacturing processes remain lean, cost-effective, get products to market quickly and produce high quality products the first time around. Considering the added expenses, time and manpower caused by reworking defects, many can’t afford not to pay attention to quality. 

A recent article It’s Time to Join the Manufacturing “Quality Crusade” points out that in light of these recalls many manufacturers have become extra focused on quality, creating what some are calling a “quality crusade.” At ALTEX Wire and Cable, a commitment to continuous improvement has been key to customer satisfaction and steady business growth over the past several decades.

The following are a few of the ways we continue to ensure quality:

Keep it close to home

A growing number of companies are moving manufacturing efforts back to North America. As an outsourced manufacturing partner with locations in both Indiana and Nogales, Mexico, we see firsthand how reshoring saves companies time and money, decreases lead times and enhances innovation. It also enables greater flexibility and control, which can lead to better quality.

Invest in your facility and employees

At ALTEX, one way we continuously invest in our most valuable resources is by training our employees in the latest industry certifications, such as the IPC/WHMA A-620 standard, which remains the leading international workmanship standard in the wire harness industry. Altex has also implemented crimp compression validation in both facilities.  While it was a sizable investment, it allows us to validate our tooling and processes.

Preventative quality is key

Preventive quality inspections feed information back to processing in real-time so that steps can be taken to correct the processing method and prevent the recurrence of defects. At ALTEX, we use poka-yoke fixturing to proactively prevent defects from occurring in the first place because we believe prevention is better than cure.

While there are many ways manufacturers can invest in improving quality efforts, if quality is not built into company culture no amount of upgrading can truly fix quality issues. Looking for a strategic outsourcing partner with a proven track record for quality? Find out more about our quality systems, processes and certifications.