There is no shortage of inspiration and innovation in the electronics industry, a fact that will no doubt be apparent at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego. The expo runs from February 27 to March 1, 2018, and invites electronics professionals to “succeed at the velocity of technology”, an apt theme for such a rapidly evolving field.

From Industry 4.0 to wearables, the event will cover hot topics, dive into the latest research and provide educational offerings driven by real-world applications.

Following the success of the 25th annual Wire Harness Conference, the Wiring Harness Manufacturers Association’s (WHMA) team, including chairman and ALTEX President Rick Bromm, will host a booth at this year’s APEX.

IPC APEX EXPO offers a chance for organizations to discover new ways to solve complex challenges, exchange ideas with industry leaders, and build business connections.

Success at Every Stage: Making the Most of IPC APEX EXPO

Industry events provide valuable opportunities for everyone from seasoned vets to those just starting their career. IPC has laid out how professionals at any stage can get the most out of the upcoming expo. Check out the tips below:

Career-Long Opportunities to Learn

Accelerate your learning curve with these recommended sessions:
Paste Printing
Bottom Termination Components
PCB Surface Finish/Reliability
IPC Designer Certification (CID and CID+)
Supply Chain I
Industry 4.0
PCB Fabrication Basics: Process and Specification

Explore these hot topics:
Wearables/Printed Electronics/Emerging Tech
Bottom Termination Components
PCB Reliability
Alloy Reliability

Connections Always Matter

IPC APEX EXPO 2018 is an invaluable opportunity to:
Meet a diverse group of pros who have blazed trails before you.
Find mentors who will help you succeed in your career.
Form relationships with others just starting out (the kind of relationships that last a lifetime).

Never let your network stop growing:
Returning attendee? Reconnect with your friends and colleagues and share industry insights.
New to IPC APEX EXPO? You won’t find a larger concentration of electronics industry experts in North America.
Expand your network, seek unexpected opportunities and become mentors to those early in their careers.

Use the Show Floor to Your Advantage

Get an in-person look at the technology you need to be knowledgeable about:
Have industry experts demo the fundamentals of key tech and processes.
Begin to build relationships with potential suppliers.
Discover new solutions to share with your managers.

Take advantage of seeing the industry’s leading suppliers in one location:
Get a look at where industry partners are heading.
Catch up with current suppliers and/or find new ones.
Find opportunities to expand your business.


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