From a small distributor of electronic components in 1981 to a respected multi-location strategic manufacturing partner of custom electromechanical, cable and wire harness assemblies, ALTEX Wire and Cable is proud to have become an industry leader over the last 35 years.

Through the development of a talented, focused and experienced workforce, along with strategic growth and a dedication to the highest of quality standards, we have become known far and wide as much more than just a wire and cable manufacturer.

So how much have things changed from 1981 to now? Take a look.

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A Wire Harness Trailblazer

Seen by our industry peers as a trailblazer within wire harnessing, ALTEX has been instrumental in the adoption of the IPC/WHMA A-620 industry standard for cable and wire harness fabrication. Currently, organizations in 42 countries are IPC/WHMA A-620B certified. This universally recognized workmanship standard opens the doors for ease of communication between OEMs and manufacturers in regards to build specifications. It’s a true differentiator. Being such a large part of the adoption of this universal standard has been a shining moment for ALTEX.

As our team embarks on our 35th year living the ALTEX difference, we look forward to our future growth and continuing to provide custom manufacturing solutions for our customers, from Fortune 500 companies to privately held OEMs in various industries including rail, power generation, refrigeration controls, automotive, agricultural, and conversion to name a few.

Our 2016 Expansion Project

As we continue to strive to uniquely position ourselves to meet the growing outsourcing needs of our customers, ALTEX has set in motion a $250,000 expansion project within its Westfield headquarters to improve the flexibility and allow for additional space to accommodate custom contract manufacturing and assembly. Additionally, the expansion includes the purchase of cutting edge automation equipment, which will allow for additional versatility.

The Core of the ALTEX Experience

So what exactly is the ALTEX experience?

“What we do is give you confidence that in the realm of cable harnesses and electromechanical assemblies, that working with us takes a load off of your people,” said Rick Bromm, president of ALTEX. “You’re going to get good execution, market pricing, superb customer service and the highest quality so that you can put your head on your pillow and sleep well at night.”

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