Even with nearly two decades as a custom manufacturer of wire harness and cable assemblies under our belt, the excitement of inviting people into the ALTEX facility to show them what we’re all about has never worn off. Our latest video takes you on a virtual tour of our Westfield factory and answers the question: Who is ALTEX?

“ALTEX is a company that is an extension of your manufacturing and engineering department,” said Rick Bromm, president of ALTEX. “What we do is give you confidence that in the realm of cable harnesses and electromechanical assemblies, that working with us takes a load off of your people. You’re going to get good execution, market pricing and the highest quality so that you can put your head on your pillow and sleep well at night.”

For many companies, wire harnessing isn’t at the forefront of their production considerations, but ALTEX is passionate about changing that.

“Harnessing is one thing that people who do it understand the challenges of it,” said Bromm. “The general perception from arms length is that it’s just wire and connectors, not a big deal. But there are so many subtleties that are not detected in terms of application engineering. You can design a harness a thousand different ways to do the same thing so we find the best way from various aspects: application, cost, process, longevity, etc.”

Finding the best application for each customer’s project is a part of the partner approach ALTEX takes as a contract manufacturer.

“We have a lot of loyalty with our customers and I think it begins by ensuring we have a good fit with the companies we do business with,” said Bromm. “So we encourage everyone to come visit us. We’re proud of what we do at either of our facilities and most people when they’re here like what they see and choose to do business with us.”

Check out the video for a virtual tour or contact us to stop in and see the real deal.