Want to know what beer and ALTEX have in common?

At ALTEX, we consider ourselves lucky to work with a wide range of customers in various industries, from security systems to tanning beds to automotive. We bring customized manufacturing solutions to a vast array of OEMs – one of which includes craft beer home-brewing retailer and wholesaler, Blichmann Engineering.

Did you know: if you stacked all of the beer cans consumed annually in the U.S., you could reach the moon 20 times? With numbers like that, it’s no surprise many companies are eagerly looking to join in this industry boom. But the growth is not limited to the world’s more known brands such as Budweiser or Miller.

Since 2011, there’s been a 20 percent increase in the number of craft breweries in the U.S. – numbering nearly 2,500 as of June of 2013. And home brew supply shops are experiencing a considerable increase in sales of homebrew equipment kits, signifying a growing interest in the hobby.

In 2012, ALTEX became a contract manufacturing partner for the Indiana-based company seeking to leverage this industry growth with their brewing equipment. Our box build assemblies for Blichmann control brewing temperature to help their customers consistently and safely brew up delicious drafts. We were able to offer a customized contract manufacturing solution from the prototype stage through production and packaging, which allowed Blichmann to remain focused on their core as a distributor and product developer.

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