Did you know manufacturing is one of the hottest career paths right now? Whether you are a seasoned professional or a millennial looking to make an impact, there’s a lot to love about manufacturing. Check out our top ten reasons why manufacturing jobs rock right now! 

  • Manufacturing creates strong middle-class jobs, often with benefits.
  • Manufacturing is having a big impact on jobs, livelihoods and the economy nationwide.
  • There are many exciting sectors of work available.
  • Manufacturing offers a wide variety of career paths.
  • There’s lots of room for growth within manufacturing.
  • Individual contributions to success are distinct and tangible.
  • Innovations generated by today’s manufacturers keep our nation competitive and at the forefront of new technologies.
  • Manufacturing gives you the opportunity to use STEM and technical skills.
  • Factories are safer and cleaner than ever before.
  • The manufacturing industry helps support our global and national economies.

U.S. Manufacturing Jobs Stats:

  • There are 17.6 million manufacturing jobs across the United States.
  • One in every six jobs in the U.S. is a manufacturing position.
  • For every job held in manufacturing, 2.91 jobs are created in another sector.
  • Every dollar spent on manufacturing equates to $1.37 contributed to the economy overall.

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